Buddha on Dogma

Buddh was not a follower of dogma and said, “believe nothing,  O monks, merely because you have been told  it  . . . . .  or because it is traditional, or because you yourselfs have imagined it.  Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis,  you find conducive to  the good,  the benefit, the welfare of all  being, that  doctrine believe and change to,  and take  as  your guide.”  (6th Cent)



Cosmic Inheritance

I embrace and appreciate that all of us have Cosmic origins making each one of us an infinitesimal part of a gigantic interconnected Universe. The Cosmic elongated shadow makes us creatures having the entirety of the Cosmos within us. I declare that I view homo sapien creatures as cosmic sapien creatures. Human beings are transmitters of energy. Our mind and body is of matter-energy moving in space-time. Every atom (animate or inanimate) is about atomic energy —> being energetic. Our Cosmic inheritance comes from atoms that have come from supernova explosions happening billions of years ago. That makes all of life inheritors of dying stars. Stars are basically gigantic hydrogen bombs held together by gravity –—> the formula to make a star is hydrogen + gravity + time. There are more stars than grains of sand on our Earth, and our mind-bodies are made from the elements of pristine stardust. We are liberated self-aware creatures and the byproducts of Cosmic stardust that miraculously came to life. The calcium in our bones is generated from ancient stars. The iron in our blood originated from primeval stars. The nitrogen in our muscles and the hydrogen in our hair are spinoffs from primordial space. We are truly descendants of that 13,700,000,000 years ago antediluvian Big Bang explosion.

Big Bang Image



Evolution is a concept I frequently  reference in the Theory of Balanceology; evolution exists. Devolution is also a concept I reference in the Theory of  Balanceology; devolution exists. I have heard a lot about evolution, but unfortunately little about devolution. That is regrettable because devolution is majorly involved in our lives and the lives of our culture. Just the pure fact of living gives each of us a number of evolutionary heart-warming and devolutionary heart-wrenching times. Augmentation, acceleration, and appreciable growth involve evolutionary forces <—> devolutionary forces involve unraveling, deceleration, and depreciable loss. Evolution can be a concordant constructive forward anabolic movement for an organism or for a culture. Devolution can be a discordant destructive backward catabolic movement for an organism or for a culture. The evolutionary arrow of time suggests the direction of evolution is a one way street with a sequence of change that compels all evolution to flow into the future. However, in the arrow of time for individuals and cultures the flow of time has vitiating setbacks and times of devolution.


Deliberate Evolution

Deliberate evolution plays a major role in the Theory of Balanceology. I designate deliberate evolution as a purposive process of self-evolution. It is making the decision to say yes to change. Deliberate evolution is making an attempt to Jump-Start one’s life. It is a process whereby we endeavor to understand and accept our nature, experience our needs, review our current view of reality, and to make some sense of our current existence. I highly appraise deliberate evolution because it involves honest questioning, healthy skepticism, and the ability to raise doubts. It is an effort to review the socialization norms of one’s native culture and to honestly evaluate one’s current beliefs, values, attitudes, and societal expectations. It is the process of keeping beliefs, values, attitudes, and social expectations that are working for us, and jettisoning those that aren’t working. Deliberate evolution encourages being the director of one’s own life story. It is choosing to be the Architect of My Life! Self-evolution for me has been a journey where I made a decision to have a readiness and an eagerness to develop a new worldview, philosophy, vision, mission, and values, and to find a path to better know myself. For any of us, I contend that deliberate evolution has the potential to catapult the Self towards meeting needs, and thus having advanced meaning, balance, and health in life. Deliberate evolution is that self-evolutionary path where a person says yes to make meaningful lasting changes in their life.



Limbic Brain Indoctrination

Limbic Brain indoctrination mostly trumps Neocortex Brain rationality. Indoctrination is about taking docile children (or adults who refuse to think for themselves) and molds them into a belief system. It systematically ensnares and incrementally entraps a child’s mind into believing whatever is put into it. If the seeds of religious indoctrination are planted early enough, all will succumb to unnatural dogmatic proclamations. Religious stamping-in concerns dogmatic demands and unthinking beliefs. Dogmatism’s goal is having collective thinking. Childhood dogmatic indoctrination has dire implications. Absolute dogma is decerebralization of common sense, reasoning, and intelligence. Religious imprintation are clerisy rules of faith-based submission. Dogmatic imprintation is an evisceration and deceptive attack on the selfhood (spirithood and personhood) of a person.

limbic brain indoctrination



Fact vs. Fiction

Shadee Ashtari wrote an article in the  Hoffington Post, entitled “Children Exposed to Religion Have Difficulty Distinguishing Fact From Fiction” (7/21/2014). This report involved children ages 5-6 in public (secular), and parochial (religious) schools. The children heard or read  religious, fantasy, and realistic stories. The purpose of this study was to evaluate if the children could identify the fictional narratives. According to the authors of the study, “religious teaching, especially exposure to miracle stories, leads children to a more generic receptivity toward the impossible; i. e. a more wide-ranging acceptance that the impossible can happen in defiance of ordinary causal relations.” What it implies is, parochial school children have a harder time differentiating fact (actual), from fiction (made-up). This study also refutes the claim that we are born believers (for we are taught our beliefs). It really makes a case that childhood early imprintation of supernatural events and beliefs, sets the stage for accepting a lot of other non-natural events/beliefs. I think an argument can be made that to implant in younger children fantastical, delusional stories is a defiling of Nature. To implant seemingly nonsensical aberrations of demons, miracles, sin, hellfire, and saints permanently disables the child from having the ability to critically think, and separate fact from fiction. I argue that early fantastical indoctrination sets the stage of not accepting, trusting, respecting, and cooperating with Nature, human nature, and with the child’s own nature.

fact vs fiction

My God

My God invariably becomes a collective Our God. Infallible dogma is us being right, and you being wrong. Or, us being saved and you being damned. Harris proposed, “the central tenant of every religious tradition is that all others are mere repositories of error or, at least, dangerously incomplete. Intolerance is thus intrinsic to every creed.” (2004) My God and Our God makes our religion having an exclusive knowledge of God, and that makes us superior. Dogmatic religions have views of reality documented in their dogma. Dogmatic religions support a theology of separation. Separation theology divides the superior from the inferior. For Eldredge, “cultural ideas seem deeply embedded in human life that other people are inferior.” (2004) Wilson said, “religious exclusion and bigotry arise from tribalism, and the belief in the innate superiority and special status of the in-group.” (1998) The belief that others are inferior is especially pronounced for religion —> our faith makes us special with our God.  A God that has led to holocaustic behaviors of annihilation, purification, and genocide to those who have the audacity to dare-to-differ from our truths and Truth.

my god



Proscription includes an infallibility concerned with banning, restraining, and restricting. Proscriptive dogmas frequently concern denouncing, condemning, prohibiting, ostracizing, and forbidding. Religious dogmas are often about marginalizing those who are different and rejecting societies disenfranchised. Proscription is performing a belligerency of extirpation against those considered heretical and/or diatribing against those who disagree. Proscriptive religions perform holy wars, crusades, jihads, and inquisitions. Proscription is a destruction of, an evisceration of, an extermination of those who dare-to-differ from a religions inextinguishable and infallible view of reality. Proscriptive dogmas are often about restricting, an infraction, and a denaturalizing of Nature’s revelations and gifts.


Nature’s Patterns

To study Nature’s patterns-and-order of cyclicity, unity, symmetry, connections, energy, etc. can lead to a meaningful and balanced life. Allowing oneself to have an openness to experience Nature’s great elixir (life) gives us those energetic transmutative properties to self-evolve. To be one with Nature, and to follow Nature, can fill us with energy, help to satisfy the needs of being a human, and at the same time help bring harmony and balance to life. Gregg Braden declared, “it’s all about being in harmony and balance with the patterns of nature.” (20th Cent)  A search for our natural Self is a search for truth(s). I state that without Nature, I am nothing. I encourage the readers to expeditiously be a tenacious intrepid explorer by actively embracing, investigating, and experiencing the natural world, the world of human nature, and your own world. It was a journey I got a late start on, but I have come to realize the truth and the wisdom in the old adage of it is “better late than never.”

natures patterns